Previous Winners

2001                     ASHLEY LEIGHT (piano/organ) Shaler Area High School/Carnegie Mellon University    

$2,000                  MELISSA PALICHAT (piano) Moon Area High School/Carnegie Mellon University


2002                     MARY CATHERINE LEVRI (organ) St. Joseph High School/University of Notre Dame

$5,000                  MICHAEL MITNICK (piano/composer) Fox Chapel High School/Harvard University


2003                      ROBERT HLEBINSKY (organ) Mt. Lebanon High School/Indiana University (Bloomington)

$9,000                   ARIELLE ROGERS (harp) Home Schooled (Mt. Lebanon HS)/Julliard School of Music

                               ROSS SNYDER (violin) North Allegheny High School/New England Conservatory of Music


2004                      KATERINA ISTOMIN (viola) The Ellis School/Julliard School of Music

$9,000                   CHRISTOPHER MIKE (baritone saxophone) Seneca Valley HS/University of North Texas

                               HEIDI VAN HOESEN GORTON (harp) Taylor Alderdice/Julliard School of Music


2005                      LAURA MANKO (viola) – Bethel Park H.S. University Tennessee School of Music

$6,500                   ZACHARY PIPER (violin) – Trinity High School/Eastman School of Music


2006                      CHRISTINA BURKE (piano) Beaver County Christian/Duquesne University

$13,000                JOCELYN PLANT (oboe) Elizabeth Forward High School/Duquesne University

                               FRANCISCA MARTIN (violin) Home Schooled (Wintersville OH)/Duquesne University                       

                               KEVIN RABOLD (marimba) North Allegheny High School/Youngstown State University                    

                               CLAIRE RHEIN (piano) Seneca Valley High School/University of Texas


2007                      COLIN BROOKES (viola) Mt. Lebanon High School/Julliard School of Music

$13,000                 MATTHEW FECZKO (double bass) Greensburg Central Catholic HS/Colburn Conservatory                                               

                               JESSICA MCCAFFERTY (oboe) Knoch High School/Cincinnati Conservatory of Music            

                               PETER WILLIAMS (flute) Steubenville High School/Bowling Green College of Musical Arts                  

                               ZACHARY ZINGER (alto saxophone) Quaker Valley High School/Berklee College of Music


2008                      KATHLEEN CARTER (oboe) Grove City High School/Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory

$28,500                 FRANCIS DUBOIS (classical guitar) Steubenville High School/Duquesne University

                               PETER LEVINE (cello) Pittsburgh CAPA/Duquesne University

                               SIERRA PASTEL (harp) Home Schooled (CCAC)/Duquesne University               

                               NOLAN PETOTE (clarinet) Plum Senior High School/Duquesne University

                               SARAH ROWAN (trumpet) Highlands Senior High School/Carnegie-Mellon University

                               STEVEN SEIGART (organ) Jamesville-DeWitt High School/Eastman School of Music

                               EVY SILVIS (flute) Knoch High School/Youngstown State University


2009                       WILLIAM DELELLES (marimba) Steubenville High School/Cleveland Institute of Music

$20,000                 ZACHARY GOOD (clarinet) Woodland Hills High School/Oberlin Conservatory of Music

                               CAROLINE MCCOOL (violin) Oakland Catholic High School/Carnegie-Mellon University

                               CATHERINE SCHILLING (viola) Mt. Lebanon High School/Cleveland Institute of Music

                               BEN THURAU (double bass) Franklin Area HS/Jacob’s School of Music, Indiana University

2010                      DANIEL ENGLISH (piano) Home Schooled (Shaler Area)/Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory                   

$20,000                 CONNOR FLUHARTY (piano) Avella High School/Grove City College

                               ALEXANDER LEE (violin) Trinity High School/Eastman School of Music

                               ANICK ODOM (clarinet) Morgantown High School/University of Michigan

                               BRANT ROBERTS (marimba) Southmoreland High School/Indiana University of Pennsylvania


2011                      NILES BRANDON (piano) Pine Richland High School/Berklee College of Music

$23,000                NICHOLAS CAPOZZOLI (organ) South Fayette High School/Oberlin Conservatory of Music

                               ELEANOR LEE (cello) Trinity High School/Eastman School of Music

                              JOSEPH MERCHANT (bassoon) Upper St. Clair High School/Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

                              MICHAEL KING-HON TSANG (piano) North Allegheny High School/Cleveland Institute of Music

                              JOHN-MARCEL WILLIAMS (classical guitar) Steubenville High School/Peabody School of Music


2012                     AARON DUGGER (tuba) Southmoreland High School/Penn State University

$25,000                ERIC KROUSE (piano) Clarion-Limestone High School/Oberlin College Conservatory of Music

                              BETHAN NEELY (organ) Home Schooled (North Atlantic Region)/Westminster School of Music

                              ANDREW PERCY (violin) Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School/Berklee College of Music

                              BRADLEY SNYDER (bass trombone) Seneca Valley High School/Penn State University

$2,000 Grant       DANIEL JOHNS (percussion) Hempfield Area High School/Berklee College of Music


2013                      MARK DEBSKI (oboe) Bethel Park High School/New England Conservatory

$20,000                 CAMERON HUFFMYER (tuba) North Hills High School/Slippery Rock University

                               ELAINA KAUFFMAN (trombone) Southmoreland High School/Seton Hill University

                               HANNA SALMON (piano) Thomas Jefferson High School/Temple University

                               REBECCA SILVERSTEIN (flute) Quaker Valley High School/Wheaton College

$2,500 Grant        TAYLOR GEPHART (percussion) Southmoreland High School/University of Pennsylvania


2014                      JEREMY KATZ (flute) Lower Merion High School/Penn State University

$22,500                 BETHANY LUEERS (clarinet) Hampton High School/University of Maryland

                               ELI NARAGON (double bass) Winchester Thurston High School/Oberlin Conservatory of Music

                               MATTHEW RUWE (trumpet) Seneca Valley High School/Slippery Rock University

                               INORI SAKAI (violin) Ellis School/Julliard School of Music

                              JONAH TROUT (bass trombone) Canon-McMillan High School/Eastman School of Music


2015                      KEONI BOLDING (violin) Souderton Area High School/Mercer University

$23,500                 CLAIRE EDWARDS (violin) Home School/Konservatorium Wien, Vienna

                               KEMPER EDWARDS (violin) Home School/St. Johns College, Cambridge, England

                               MICHAEL FLEMING (tuba) Curwensville Area High School/Carnegie Mellon University

                               JACOB MCALEAVEY (double bass) Pittsburgh CAPA/Oberlin Conservatory of Music

                               ASHLEY SUH (double bass) North Carolina University School of Arts/New York University

$2,000 Grant        TIFFANY DANIELS (trombone) Clarion-Limestone High School/Slippery Rock University


2016                       KYLE JOHNSON (cello) Peters Township High School/Carnegie Mellon University

$20,000                 STEVEN KOZLOWSKI (marimba) McKeesport Area High School/Duquesne University

                               MEGAN MCKELVEY (clarinet) Franklin Regional High School/University of Pennsylvania

                               MAXWELL NUDI (percussion) General McLane High School/Berklee College of Music

                               GEANA SNART (cello) Spring City, 21st Century Cyber Charter School/Cleveland Inst. Music

                               CALEB WILL (clarinet) General McLane High School/Ithaca College

2017                      JAMES CUNNINGHAM (viola) Pittsburgh CAPA/University of Michigan School of Music

$17,500                GRACE HALLORAN (violin) Pittsburgh CAPA/Lawrence University

                               RUNA SHUDA (flute) Pittsburgh CAPA/McGill University

                               MADISON SINAN (trumpet) Seneca Valley High School/Messiah College

2018                      COLTON DIETZ (trombone) Norwin High School/Penn State University

$22,500                RYAN FULTON (trumpet) Canon-McMillan High School/Duquesne University

                              SARAH HEPFL (violin) Butler High School/Duquesne University

                              SEBASTIAN PRATT (violin) Norwin High School/Miami University

                              TROY ROWLANDS (tuba) Pine-Richlands High School/Youngstown State University

                              ALICE STATHAM (harp) Bald Eagle Area High School/Carnegie Mellon University

                              DOMINIC TOMASELLO (piano) Ellwood City High School/Duquesne University

                              NATHANAEL TURNER (violin) Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School/West Virginia University

                              SAVANNAH WESOLOWSKI (voice) Pittsburgh CAPA/Slippery Rock University

2019                      ELIZABET EDWARDS (cello) Home School/Julliard School of Music

$24,500                EMILY HAYES (harp) Slippery Rock High School/Grove City College

                               MICHELLE KENYON (violin) Butler High School/Duquesne University

                               DEVIN LAI (violin) Morgantown High School/Jacob's School of Music Indiana University

                               SOPHIE LAUVER (percussion) Mt. Lebanon High School/Northwestern University

                               NATHAN MAGLEY (clarinet) Pittsburgh CAPA/Jacob's School of Music Indiana University

                               JOSEF MUELLER (violin) Home School/Grove City College

                               ALEXIS SCHULTE-ALBERT (double bass) Mt. Lebanon High School/Jacob's School of Music Indiana University

2020                      ROWAN BELT (piano) Home School/Amherst College

$22,500                CAROLYN CARR (violin) North Allegheny High School/Manhattan School of Music

                              LEILA FANIEN (violin) Mt. Lebanon High School/Eastman School of Music

                              CUNA KIM (violin) Fox Chapel Area High School/San Francisco Conservatory of Music

                              MAGGIE KNISELY (alto sax) Claysburg-Kimmel High School/Pennsylvania State University 

                              GEOFFREY MADGE (oboe) Chartiers Valley High School/West Virginia University 

                              BRETT MILLER (theater organ) Pennridge High School/Eastman School of Music 

                              STEPHANIE PETINAUX (piano) Seneca Valley High School/Oberlin Conservatory of Music

                              RIO SCARCELLI (clarinet) Penn-Trafford High School/Duquesne University 




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